How To Edit the DNS Settings of your Domain without using Domain Manager

Do you ever have a domain registrar Domain Manager panel where it does not allow you to make any changes in your Domain Settings?
Or maybe it does allow you, but there are some limit in changing the DNS, like 10 changes/update per year.
Much worst is, it will then asked you sign up for a hosting package in order for you to make some changes on the DNS?
Some Registrar companies will only provide certain limitation on the number DNS change on a domain.

The DNS Change Problem

Like for instance, when I was working on my client before they have this Registrar Domain Manager dashboard settings that does not allow you to change the DNS of the domain even the domain forwarding. These domain forwarding is only applicable for hosting plans, but my client only has a domain registration and does not have any hosting plan. But ever domain registrar Domain Manager always have the option to change the DNS, there are just some few registrars that set some limits.

So it was really a mind cracking and it gives me a bit of a head ache because the DNS changes only has 10 limits to change the DNS otherwise there will be some additional charges for every change/update.

The thing is, I will be changing the DNS of the domain a lot since we will be using a different hosting for my client’s online course website and I will have to change the DNS name servers, the CNAME and the mail servers too. So what if the changes are not correct and I need to update the DNS again? So that was the problem, because of the DNS changes/update limitation.

The DNS Change Solution

When I found out about the limitation, I quickly did some research on how to make any DNS changes without limitations and here is what I did to solve that issue. I use Cloudflare. Yes, by using Cloudflare I was able to redirect my DNS to their servers and thus I’m now able to use my domain name and all of Cloudflare’s DNS platform, it’s functionality and DNS options.

Here is the Step by Step Instructions on How to edit the DNS settings of your domain without using Domain Manager

1.) You should first sign up for a Cloudflare account, you can just sign up for FREE.
2.) Once your already have a Cloudflare account, you can then Add your domain simply adding it in Cloudflare as “Add Website” and just follow the instructions until you will be able to successfully add the domain in the Cloudflare.

3.) Once you add the domain, you will then be given by Cloudflare 2 Name Servers that you need to change in your Registrar’s Domain Manager DNS settings.
4.) Log back in to your Registrar Domain Manager Settings and update the Name servers to point it back to Cloudflare.
5.) Wait for the DNS name server changes to update, sometimes it takes only less an hour, sometime more.
6.) Check whether the DNS of your domain is already updated, go to and enter your Domain Name. After you enter your domain, you will then see the Name Servers, if it shows the new Name Servers from Cloudflare, then that means the DNS is now pointing to Cloudflare.
7.) Once the DNS is already point to Cloudflare, you can then make any change of the Domain DNS without any limitation, since Cloudflare does not set any limits on DNS change. You can even add a domain forwarding for your Domain and anything related to Changing the DNS.

So that’s pretty much it!
Hope this guide will help you manage your DNS settings without any limits on the DNS changes.
Any Questions? Please feel free to send an email to hammerwave (at)